About Us

Studio Name: Virtual Miniatures
Location: Manchester, England

Virtual Miniatures is an indie studio setup with the goal of bringing the fun and excitement of turn based table-top miniatures games to the digital realm. Our vision is to create an application that delivers as close to a tabletop gaming experience as possible whilst taking advantage of what a computer generated game can achieve.

When we deliver on our vision, we will have a computer game that offers players a chance to experience a table-top skirmish battle with miniatures that come to life. Fighting, firing and dieing as they fulfill their commanders orders.

Virtual Miniatures was setup by Martyn Hawkins. A professional software developer with over 20 years experience building business, media, and gaming applications. As a turn based strategy game enthusiast, Martyn began playing table-top of video games of this genre in his youth. Now he wishes to uses his knowledge of turn based strategy gameplay and software development to build an engaging PC title that will allow players to engage in turn based skirmish conflicts.

About our Game

Game Title: Galactic War for Earth (working title)
Description: Galactic War for Earth is a futuristic turn based strategy game where players command alien factions for the conquest of earth. Designed with a board game aesthetic and minimal UI, the game aims to be a window to a tabletop battle where miniatures come to life.
Platform: Windows

Key Features:

  • Turn based strategy with a table-top visual style.
  • 3 unique alien factions to play as at launch.
  • 5 different game board battlefields at launch.
  • Faction capabilities are described through consistant statistic-sheets, similar to those used in table-top gaming.
  • Single player campaign offers the player the opportunity to play as all 3 factions through a number of missions as a story develops exposing the player to the game universe.
  • Build and customise your own battle group and then take it online to play against your friends.
  • Play online in LIVE or CORRESPONDENCE mode battles.
  • Correspondence mode offers players the opportunity to play games over elongated periods. Play your move, close down the game and return later to review your opponents move and make your next. With this feature players can be competing in numerous battles simultaneously.
  • Review previous battles. Using a built in replay system your will be able to review previous battles. Use this to learn what went wrong or right in battle, or simply collect screen-shots to create battle reports to share with friends.
  • Post battle statistic will provide the player with a wealth of information that they can learn from for future conflicts.